As you prepare your business case for the migration to NetWeaver, you will need to find answers to the following questions:

  • How do we minimise migration duration and disruption to our business?
  • How can we minimise risk, and ensure everything continues to run smoothly?
  • What resources do we have? How do we find the right, skilled people?
  • How do we ensure quality output, and still achieve the most cost-effective solution?

We Can Help You

  • Find answers to these important questions
  • Establish the scope of your project
  • Manage the entire migration
  • Minimise the cost, risk and time of your migration

We Do This Using

  • Our unique, automated migration toolset - BC2XI
  • Our experience and expertise gained from SAP migration projects around the world

Migration Assessment

Take the guesswork out of Integration Process analysis with our free, detailed report

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